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Pipe Cleaning

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Pipe Cleaning Equipment

Podgurski uses several different methods for sewer and septic pipe cleaning.

High performance cleaning of solid and liquid wastes – nothing does it better or simpler. Right from the start, Podgurski’s JumboJet, our Vactor 2100 combo gives you more of what you hire an underground pipe cleaning company for – cleaner sewers, catch basins, sanitary lines, your entire waste water collection system and treatment facility. With an incredible vacuum power and the simultaneous jet-rodding action, the JumboJet Vactor vacuums and/or flushes away your most stubborn obstacles and debris.

The JumboJet Vactor 2100 series is simply the best researched, the best engineered, and the best built Vactor ever produced.

With Podgurski’s legendary professionalism and “Sudden Service,” and you have the ultimate in large system cleaning and flushing:

  • Storm, sewer and sanitary lines are cleaned efficiently and completely. The operation is simple and safe. High pressure water propels the nozzle through the line, breaking through obstructions and clearing blockages. As the hose is rewound, high-pressure water scours the side walls and backflushes debris to the inlet where it is simultaneously vacuumed into the debris body.
  • Tough, dirty jobs at the waste water treatment plant, including waste removal and cleaning of digesters, grit chambers, bar screens, sedimentation tanks, sludge beds and many other applications.
  • Highway departments, municipalities and counties rely on JumboJet for a variety of applications – cleaning highway culverts, storm drains and sewers with minimum traffic disruption. Our single-piston Jet Rodder water pump high-pressure jet system is the only pump designed exclusively for sewer cleaning. It features both jack-hammer obstruction-breaking operation and continuous flow cleaning.

Enough power to tackle any job. Industries, contractors and municipalities – send us your toughest applications. JumboJet’s Powerful Positive Displacement blower system features large displacement to give high performance at lower, quieter operating speeds. The dual-stage centrifugal compressor creates suction capable of pulling debris or raw material an incredible distance

Snaking is a thing of the past!

What makes a Podgurski pump truck different? Most septic system services can pump out your clogged tank. But sometimes the problem isn’t just in the tank. Sometimes the pipes that lead to or from the tank can be clogged…

That’s when we bring in our high-pressure water jetter: Super Squirt …Only Podgurski has it.

• Faster, more thorough than traditional “snaking.”

• Able to open stubborn clogs with a single “pfffft.”

• Uses a high-velocity stream of clean water running through a small-diameter pipeline.

• Cleans debris and build-up in your lines more thoroughly than ever before possible.

Super Squirt Plus is our high-powered water jet cleaning system for residences. This special unit has an extra-high pressure water drill that penetrates even the toughest grease, paper, food waste and gunk. With it’s own 500-gallon water tank, it’s got all the reserve power to clear virtually any residential system clog.

When larger diameter pipes are involved, or stronger jetting is needed to clear a clog, our Super Squirt Plus and Jumbo Jet are available for commercial-sized projects.

If roots are causing the clog, our hydraulic line cleaning services with our water jetting technology can be brought in.

Roots from trees and shrubs can invade and plug sewer lines. Wastewater is full of plant nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus, which attract roots to leaking septic tanks and to soil absorption fields. Roots can seriously damage septic tanks and distribution pipes by plugging pipes and cracking tanks. At times, a clog is so stubborn and solid, jetting alone can’t clear it.

To assure maximum flow through – and minimal damage to – the pipe, Podgurski uses a proven two-step system for root and difficult clog removal.

Podgurski’s Two-Step system of cleaning pipes:

  1. We first use a chain cutting device to clean the pipe.
  2. Then, we apply RootX treatment to enhance root removal.

Why RootX?

Many of our customers have requested that we use a septic-safe product to handle their root infiltration problems. We chose RootX which is a patented foaming herbicidal formula that is registered in all 50 states. EPA registration # 68464.1.

  • RootX saves time and money when it is used to treat root intrusion in drain pipes, septic systems, sewer systems and storm drains.
  • The environmentally safe formulation does not contain Copper Sulfate or Metham Sodium, which are both harmful to the environment.
  • It enhances bacterial growth, so it’s safe for septic systems, too.

RootX is the original, non-metal sodium foaming root control in an easy-to-apply powdered formulation. The RootX formulation foams on contact with water to kill roots and inhibit growth, filling the entire pipe to reach the top where 90% of pipeline root intrusion occurs.

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