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Septic System Repairs
Septic System Repairs
Septic System Repairs
Septic System Repairs
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Septic System Repairs

Podgurski Corporation

Septic systems require repair or replacement from time to time.

A failing or malfunctioning septic system can expose you, your family and your neighbors to sewage that contains disease-causing pathogens and viruses.

Sewage can also contaminate ground and surface water, possibly polluting wells, rivers, streams or lakes near your home.

Podgurski Corporation specializes in diagnosing and then repairing or replacing any pipes going from the town sewerage system to your home. First, a careful evaluation of the pipe(s) in the system must be accomplished. This may require the help of our specialized underground video equipment. We have equipment able to view pipes of any size and furnish accurate reports of the problems inside the pipes. This saves time and money and may prevent digging in spots not required.

Some of the failure warning signs are:

  • Bad odors around the drain field area especially after heavy water use or rainfall
  • Very wet spots with lush green grass growth over the drain field or septic tank areas
  • Standing water in the drain field area
  • Plumbing or septic tank back-ups
  • Slow draining fixtures
  • Gurgling sounds in the plumbing system

Take action – Call Podgurski!

If you think your septic system is failing, contact our septic system professionals to:

  • Confirm the location and possible cause of the failure
  • Propose a repair solution
  • Handle all permitting necessary

Septic System Revitalization

To revitalize septic systems, it is sometimes advisable to clear out clogged septic lines. Sediment accumulates and decreases the efficiency of the system and, at times, may clog the system completely.

First, Podgurski Corp. will clear the lines using their Super Squirt residential jetting equipment or, if needed, the Jumbo Jet, made for larger line diameters. After jetting the system and clearing the sediment and debris, they introduce an oxidizer called Aid-Ox to help maintain the system’s health going forward.


  • A failing septic system may not have to be replaced with a new system. We’ll advise you on your repair options.
  • Pumping a failing system is only a temporary solution. While it may be necessary to have the tank pumped during the repair process, pumping the tank alone may not correct a failing septic system. Repairs to a septic system may save you time and money in the long run.

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