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Podgurski Corporation

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Podgurski cleans both inside and outside traps. Our trained technician uses a roll-around portable unit to clean indoor traps efficiently. A septic truck is used for the cleaning of outdoor grease traps. Regularly cleaned traps can greatly enhance efficient operation of a facility's kitchen operation and avoid health code violations.

The WEE VAC is used to pump under-the-sink grease traps. This is an effective way of getting into these difficult to reach traps. The unit comes with the Vaccuum Unit mounted on a steel drum, heavy duty 2 wheeled cart, and 10 foot of 1 1/2"vac hose with a stinger.

We have modified the lid of the vac unit with the proper hose fittings for the 1 1/2" hose , and a 3" camlock and pipe that goes to the bottom of the barrel. This is where you hook your 3" hose from your truck up, and remove the contents from your barrel.

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