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Podgurski Corporation southern New England's foremost name in sewer and drain system construction and maintenance now offers full sewer testing services.

Why Podgurski? More than 65 years of family-owned and operated service. State-of-the-art equipment, manned by knowledgeable and experienced specialists. Dependability that is unmatched in the industry. From home septic tanks to entire municipal sewer systems nobody knows more about underground utilities than we do. Count on the professionals at Podgurski.


Vacuum Testing of a new Municipal Site

Sealing of Structures:

Builders and municipalities will have special interest in this service that stops water from leaking into the concrete structures of sewer systems and into the liner.  Podgurski drills and injects a chemical grout with a special pump which fills the void behind the sewer, thus sealing the sewer structure.

This is a two-man job and requires specialized knowledge to correctly prepare the two-part chemical solution used to create the grouting mixture while working with the grout pump to complete the process.

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Air Testing:

All Podgurski field engineers are trained to perform air testing on gravity sewer lines. We have the right equipment to meet or exceed all guidelines in ASTM spec F-1417.

This test method provides procedures for testing plastic pipe sewer lines, using low-pressure air to prove the integrity of the installed material and the construction procedures. Two procedures are included to find the rate of air leakage - the constant-pressure method and the time-pressure drop method.

This test method is performed on lines after all connections and service laterals have been plugged and braced adequately to withstand the test pressure. The time between completion of the backfill operation and low-pressure air testing is critical and we are ready to do this testing at all times to speed up the job completion..

This test method is applicable to all gravity sewer lines made of thermoplastic pipe, reinforced thermosetting resin (RTRP) pipe, and reinforced plastic mortar (RPM) pipe, defined in Terminology D 883, D 1600, and F 412.


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Vacuum Testing:

Podgurski technicians vacuum-test a manhole.
The strictest ASTM standards are maintained.

Podgurski Corp. is the area expert in Vacuum Testing. We meet or exceed all regulations in the Vacuum testing of manholes according to ASTM spec C-1244 ("Standard Test Method for Concrete Sewer Manholes by the Negative Air Pressure Test Prior to Backfill")

Our technicians are trained regularly and are certified by all regulatory agencies so that we can ensure accurate and dependable testing results and trouble-free installations.

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Deflection Testing of Sewer Pipes:

In order to guarantee that sewer pipes will last for their intended lifetime, Podgurski engineers will perform pipe testing via the "Deflection Method" according to ASTM spec C-1244. Deflection tests are taken with a proper size mandrel or sewer ball that is put through the pipe on a go or no-go basis.

Using a "Sewer Ball" involves a method of hydraulically cleaning a sewer or storm drain by using the pressure of a water head to create a high cleansing velocity of water around the ball. In normal operation, the ball is restrained by a cable while water washes past the ball at high velocity. Special sewer cleaning balls have an outside tread that causes them to spin or rotate, resulting in a "scrubbing" action of the flowing water along the pipe wall.

It should be emphasized that to ensure accurate testing, the lines must be thoroughly cleaned previous to testing. Podgurski can also perform cleaning of sewer pipes by a number of methods.


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What is Smoke Testing?

Smoke testing is a safe, quick way to find areas of the sewer system that need updating. The smoke used in the test has no odor, isn't harmful to your health, and will disappear in a few minutes.

The test consists of blowing a harmless colored vapor into the sanitary manholes and observing the points where the smoke exits. The smoke is expected to exit from manholes, the sewer stack at the top of your house, catch basins and downspouts.

The smoke should not enter your home or business if it is properly plumbed and if your sink and drain traps contain water.

How is it done?

We use specialized equipment to force smoke into a pipe system underneath a building. If there is a leak, the smoke will float out into the interior of the facility allowing us to pinpoint the location of the repair. More here...

What is the purpose of smoke testing?

The purpose of the testing is to find possible leaks in the sanitary sewer system. Smoke testing can help locate improper connections to the systems and areas where unwanted water is entering the system. If a problem is found, Podgurski can take steps to fix it.

What are the benefits of smoke testing?

Smoke testing is a simple and fast method of testing the sewer system. The vapor is harmless and will disappear after only a few minutes. The testing is also a cost effective way to find areas of the sewer system that need improvement.

Is the smoke harmful?

No. If the smoke enters your home, it may make you cough, but it is not harmful to your health and will not harm clothing, drapes or furniture.

What should I do to prepare for the smoke testing?

When you receive a notice that smoke testing will take place, you should check to see that all traps under basins, washing facilities and floor drains have water in them.

What does it mean if smoke enters my house?

If smoke enters your home during the test, it probably means there are deficiencies in the plumbing that may allow sewer gas to enter.

What should I do if smoke gets into the house?

If smoke does enter your home, note the location of the smoke and contact us directly by phone or speak with one of the crew persons conducting the test. Our staff will discuss with you what should be done to correct the problem.

If smoke gets into the house, how long does it take the smoke to dissipate?

Open windows for ventilation. The smoke will dissipate in a few minutes.

I will not be at home during the testing and have pets. Should I be concerned?

The smoke is not harmful to pets. It would be a good idea to leave several upstairs windows partially open for ventilation, should any smoke enter the building. If you have proper connections and all of the traps have water in them, there should not be any problems.

  How is Smoke Testing Done?

If you have odors in your home or commercial / municipal location and cannot seem to determine where they are coming from - you need Smoke Testing. Smoke testing is safe and is injected through your plumbing system to find where the fixtures maybe leaking gasses.

Below is a job for a large distribution center, that had a constant odor and no one could determine where it was coming from. The pictures show how the procedure was done and the results showing the smoke coming out of the door jam. They had done some renovation and changed walls and while setting a new beam, had unknowingly punctured a sewer line that ran under the wall.

Equipment is set up on the roof, covering all roof vents and blowing smoke down a stack line.

This picture shows the smoke coming from the striker plate on the door jam. The punctured sewer line under the wall had been causing sewer odors and vapors to escape into offices.

Until we did this smoke test no one could find the source of the unpleasant odor.


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Podgurski, septic service, septic pumping, septic cleaning, septic tank, installation, pump station, grease trap, water, drainage, cleaning, pipe, snake, holding tank, high pressure jet, cesspool, drywell, leach field, New England, Boston, Norwood, Sharon, Walpole, Canton, Massachusetts, MA